AndrĂ© Borschberg – Pilot of the Solar Impulse plane

Fuelled by a drive to push the boundaries of the possible in both technology and human endeavors, André Borschberg is an entrepreneur whose passion for exploration is matched only by his persistence to drive economic, environmental and spiritual growth.

The beautiful Solar Highway Project in Fully represents for me the typical conception of new solution breaking the old paradigms. I wish the best to Laurent Jospin and his team and I hope to see green kWh produced in industrial quantities very soon thanks to their efforts.

Philippe Thalmann – Professor of Environmental Economics at EPFL

Philippe Thalmann is Professor of Environmental Economics at EPFL and strongly committed to supporting Switzerland’s climate policy.

The future of mobility is electric. It is only logical that road infrastructure should contribute to generating the electricity required for mobility. This project is paving the way.

Dominique Bourg – Professor of Environmental politics and philosophy at UNIL

Dominique Bourg is a professor at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of the University of Lausanne

Author of numerous books and papers and holder of two doctorates, Bourg is a world renowned specialist of the environment, global changes and sustainable development.


As tackling climate change is of the utmost urgency, I strongly support the Solar Energy project as a first step towards energy transition.