Term of use of the energypier.ch website

Field of application

The present term of use of the website energypier.ch (designated as « Term of use » below) define the legal relation between yourself (« You ») and SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA (« SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA ») in relation to the use of the website www.energypier.ch (the « Website ») and all prestations and services that SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA and its partners makes available via the website.

The use of services made available by third parties or third websites made available on the Website via text hyperlinks miight be subject to the term of use of their respective operators.

By using the Website, accessing the contents published on the Website of using the services offered by SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA, you accept the present Term of use, and such as soon as you acess the website.

You accept that SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA offers its prestations under the condition that You respect the present Term of use at all time. If you don't accept the present Term of use, You should not access the Website or use the services available on the Website.

SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA reserves the right to forbid You to access the Website and the use of the services availables via the Website at any time, if SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA estimate that You are not respecting the Term of use. SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA also reserves the right to attack in justice anyone using the Website for any illegal purposes and claim reparations for any damage caused by sur use of the Website.

Prestations offered by SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA


Via its Website, SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA propose different online services, some free and other with a pricetag.

SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA reserves the right to modify the content or presentation of the services at any moment in time, and even remove certain prestations. SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA can adapt its equipments to match technical requirements and modify its range of offers at any moment in time and without prior notice. By using the Website, you confirm your acceptation of those modifications.

SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA also reserves the right to mandate third parties to deliver its range of services.


SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA commits itself to provide its prestations with professionalism and due diligence.

SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA aims at keeping the Website available at all time. However, You should act that the Website might be temporarily unavailable to undergo maintenance, du to technical difficulties or for other reasons. SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA offers not garantee on the disponibility of the Website and the contents published on the Website.

Lack of garantee

To the full extent of the mean at its disposal, SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA ensure all content published on the Website are based on correct and actual data. The informations published on the Website should not be considered as as base for decision-making for judicial, fiscal or any other kind of question. It is recommanded you contact a qualified conselor for any such question.

Private use

The informations published on the Website are available only for private use.

No information published on the Website should be used or diffused (via any elecronic channel, on paper or via any other mean) for commercial purposes without prior autorisation by SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA

In case of unauthorized copy, total or partial, of the informations on the Website, You accept to pay a forfait of CHF 50.- for each reproduction.

Access credentials

You are in charge of managing your access credentials (username and password) with care and confidentiality. SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA should not be held responsible of any abusive use of your access credentials by third parties.

You should inform SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA immediatly for any unauthorized access to your access credentials or any abuse You notive on the Website.

SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA ensure that the Website is protected at all time by state of the art measure to prevent unauthorized access or illegal use of your access credentials. Yet since an absolute protection cannot be garranted, SERVIPIER INC/AG/SA decline any responsability concerning the consequences following the abusive use of your access credentials and personnal data despite the implemented measures.