Investment strategy

Basically, EnergyPier power plants are projects that consume a high level of capital initially, but then deliver a sustainable return over a very long lifetime. Natural investors for such category of asset would be pension funds or infrastructure funds.

Our pilot projects (Fully and Knonauer Amt) are world premieres, and to achieve the financing, we need to build a more complex structure involving multiple types of investors.

  • In Phase 1, which is the seed capital, we will work with local or committed investors, for example by pre-selling the green kWh to be produced.
  • In Phases 2 and 3, the construction period, commercial partners and local authorities will be called upon to become investors. one may come before the other and vice versa, depending on the specific project
  • In Phase 4, which corresponds to the start of exploitation, private investors can enter into the business.
  • The final phase, known as the maturity phase, allows natural investors to replace other players who may wish to withdraw.

It is also clear that the list of investors of Knonauer Amt and Fully projects will differ slightly depending on which is built first.

We currently have contracts in preparation for these different phases, but these cannot be signed until we are ready to submit the application for a building permit, i.e. until the entry in the Richtplan is completed.