EnergyPier Inc

The the cornerstone of the EnergyPier project

EnergyPier Inc is a Swiss limited liability company created in November 2021.

It is based in the canton of Zug in the centre of historic Switzerland.

It works in partnership with ServiPier AG, which has been promoting conventional solar power plants to its customers since its foundation in 2008.

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EnergyPier is animated by the Swiss EnergyPier Group

Regrouping specialists of the domains of civil engineering, geology, techniques of complex steel structures, materials, solar and airflow technologies, financial engineering and marketing and communications.

The Swiss EnergyPier Group is characterized by

  • Its technology-centered culture
  • The high level of technical expertise and knowhow of its leaders, collaborators and partners
  • Its methodology - the breaking-down of complex problems into simplified basic procedures
  • Its important network of skills
  • Its project management expertise
  • Its values: Simplicity. Thoroughness. Determination. Respect

Vision Mission Values


The idea behind EnergyPier is to produce large quantities of clean and competitive electrical power by covering already purposed public domains (such as motorways and main roads) with EnergyPier combined power plants


To meet the challenges posed by the Energy Transition dilemma and to produce electricity on a large scale


Simplicity. Thoroughness. Determination. Respect

Reference point

The EnergyPier innovative project is inspired by the pioneering construction of the hundreds of dams, which allowed the country to meet its post-war (1945-1975) needs by generating indigenous, renewable and competitive electric power.



Origins of the EnergyPier project

The nucleus of the Swiss EnergyPier Group is centered on the Chaux-de-Fonds engineer Laurent David Jospin - a specialist of major and complex real-estate construction projects and a staunch advocate of environmental issues – who, within his family owned ServiPier AG, initiated the EnergyPier project some ten years ago.

The idea behind this project originated by his observation that, even if ALL potential generated solar and wind power were added up, they could neither fill the vacuum created by the phasing out of fossil fuel and nuclear power generation nor cover current (heating and mobility) demands and increased future new needs, such as energy for the cloud and telecommuting.

It follows that it has become urgent to imagine a new concept and, from his standpoint, an ancillary solution could be found by the utilization of very large already purposed and contiguous surfaces in order to produce the necessary amounts of electric energy.

He determined that one such surface existed: the Swiss motorway network, covering 2,200 km and under one single authority, the FEDRO. The fact that the motorway infrastructure was already in place and in use was an essential component of his reflection.

Acceptance of the principle of the project was evident as of the first contacts with the FEDRO and, as of then, the EnergyPier project was brought into existence. Motorways will be covered by electric power plants using renewable energies - solar and airflow – as a solution to the dilemma posed by energy transition.

Milestones (future)

2018 – FEDRO Agreement

2021 – Inscription of project in Kanton Wallis’ plan directeur cantonal (PDc).

2021 – Building permit

2022 – Construction


Energypier Team

Laurent David Jospin

Laurent David Jospin


Laurent Valentin Jospin

Laurent Valentin Jospin


Jean Chatelain

Jean Chatelain


Michel Voisard

Michel Voisard

Engineering / Construction techniques

Alain Farrugia

Alain Farrugia

Marketing / Communication / PR

Philippe Umberti

Philippe Umberti

Project Management